Rollin’ On The River

Happy Birthday Big John

My friend Michele Capozzi is a family man. With one foot in Italy and one in New York, he carries his home on his back. It is Michele who is the first to call the tribe together in celebration. This is what families do. Each year, come June (this year July), he invites all to a party at the 79th Street Boat Basin where he’s lived on one “yacht” or another for the past 20 years. The guest of honor is Big John, a sexy and dapper man with an eye for the ladies, many of whom arrived to serve him his dinner and some to be his dessert.

The party began at sunset under the pink and purple sky and continued as darkness descended and revealed galaxy of amber lamps. We were at the edge of the City, surrounded by the beauty of nature, almost on our own little island. We may not have all known each other, but eventually we would- there were no strangers here.

Me and Stu

Capozzi e le belle donne

I schmoozed and chatted. My darling Stu Cottingham arrived late, after work. We stood talking with Barbara Alper and Rob. Barb, like several photographer friends had brought her camera. She documented the buxom stripper who danced for the birthday boy. Then Ms. Kelli Stiles provided some new inspiration. Kelli sniffed her way into our little group. “Hmm, it’s 420 time,” she said. Hands on her hip, she introduced herself as a porn star. “I’ve made some porn movies too,” I said, establishing that porn sister bond. Her legs were long, her skin chocolate and smooth. She wore bright white lipstick and shiny white eye shadow and I could not take my eyes off her dayglo teeth as she entertained us with her funny, smart, sassy girl talk. She was a natural. She liked me too. “Do you two swing?” she asked Stu. When he told me later, I was amused. My honey is a sexy guy, but as for swinging, his experience consisted of dropping from trees into swimming holes at Rainbow Family reunions. And that was just fine with me.

Kelli and her costar

Suddenly, a young man jumped on Kelli’s curvy backside. “He was just in a movie with me,” she laughed, “and now he can’t get enough.” The two went into action for Barbara and her camera. Then Kelli shooed him off. She knew what to do when she had the lens all to herself. Now Barbara was her best friend. “I love you” Kelli told her. “You’ll love her even more when you see these photos,” I said.

Ms. Kelli Stiles

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Veronica Vera’s: Author, educator, Doctor of Human Sexuality. VV's multi-faceted career began with several years on Wall Street. Then she decided to earn an honest living as a sex journalist, porn star, erotic model, prostitutes’ rights activist. Her collaborations with artists include Robert Mapplethorpe and the women of Club 90, the first porn star support group: Jane Hamilton aka Veronica Hart, Annie Sprinkle, Candida Royalle(d.) and Gloria Leonard (d.)Veronica testified in Washington, D.C. for freedom of expression before a Senate judiciary committee (Meese Report). In 1992 Veronica created the world’s first crossdressing and transgender academy, Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls and in 1997 wrote the book of the same name. Her second book is Miss Vera’s Crossdress for Success (2002). Her most recent book is Miss Vera's Cross Gender Fun For All (2016). She continues to offer classes in higher heeled education at her NY academy and college campuses, fields offers from media producers and works on her memoir.
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