Veronica Vera’s multi-faceted career began with several years on Wall Street. Then she decided to earn an honest living as a sex journalist, porn star, erotic model, and sex workers’ rights activist. Her collaborations with artists include Robert Mapplethorpe and the women of Club 90, the first porn star support group: Jane Hamilton (aka Veronica Hart), Gloria Leonard, Candida Royalle and Annie Sprinkle. Veronica testified in Washington, D.C. for freedom of expression before a committee of the Senate Judiciary. Her testimony became part of the infamous Meese Report.

In 1992 she created the world’s first cross-dressing academy, Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, and in 1997 wrote the book of the same name. She followed that book with Miss Vera’s Cross Dress For Success (2002)and Miss Vera’s Cross Gender Fun For All. (2016).

Veronica Vera continues to offer higher-heeled education at her NYC academy and on college campuses. She also fields offers from media producers while working on her memoir.

2 Responses to About

  1. B.P. says:

    I realize you’re focused on many different things now, but I would love to see you film an interview with Samantha Fox. Next best thing would be a podcast. You were two of the most talented actresses in porn, if not the top two, with such fantastic acting ability. Put that all together with great costumes like those used in Dixie Ray, Hollywood Star, and we have an amazing classic. What’s sad for me is that Samantha’s identity on the internet is mostly nonexistent since a blonde British singer from the ’80s has essentially replaced her.

    • veronicavera says:

      Hi BP. Thanks for your comment. I think you have me confused with my dear friend, the terrific actress Veronica Hart who made many more movies than I did. She is open to straight acting projects but retired from adult and is very happily married. Samantha Fox really left the business behind and has turned down requests for interviews. She’s moved on and is also happy in her new pursuits. Both are so loved. I’ve always been more of a writer than performer and I am working on a memoir which I hope you will enjoy!

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