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Veronica Vera’s: Author, educator, Doctor of Human Sexuality. VV's multi-faceted career began with several years on Wall Street. Then she decided to earn an honest living as a sex journalist, porn star, erotic model, prostitutes’ rights activist. Her collaborations with artists include Robert Mapplethorpe. Veronica testified in Washington for freedom of expression. In 1992 she created the world’s first crossdressing academy, Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls and wrote the book of the same name. Her second book is Miss Vera’s Crossdress for Success. Her most recent book is Miss Vera's Cross Gender Fun For All (2016). She continues to offer classes in higher heeled education at her NY academy and college campuses, fields offers from reality show producers and works on her memoir.

Streetwalkers Manhattan 1980’s

Throughout the 1980’s I had a column in ADAM magazine called Veronica Vera’s New York. Here’s one of the treasures from my archives. I look forward to sharing more with you from my past as well as my present. Your … Continue reading

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Welcome On October 3, 2017!

Hi there. I’ll be adding an archived piece and posting to this blog later this week. I’d love you to subscribe now so that you are alerted. Since you are here today, I suggest you check out some of my … Continue reading

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Candice/Candida, One Year Later

Like her ashes that were distributed to loved ones, cherished and planted far and wide, one year after her death on September 7, 2015, the legacy of Candice Vadala aka Candida Royalle continues to grow and pay homage to her … Continue reading

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The Lost Mapplethorpe

One picture is worth a thousand words, but some are worth many thousand and sometimes thousands of dollars. This story is of such a picture, a photograph by the artist Robert Mapplethorpe. When you look, you will see me, the … Continue reading

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Miss Vera’s Perspective: Why Bruce Jenner said, “Asexual” and more…

By Dr. Veronica Vera, DHS The Bruce Jenner Interview conducted by Diane Sawyer which aired April 25, 2015 on ABC was smart and sensitive. I felt very uplifted. This next morning I am surprised at how I feel this much … Continue reading

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Miss Vera On Bruce Jenner: A response to the New York Times

Bruce Jenner: Transition or Fashion Statement? Is Bruce Jenner in the process of gender transition or could this be simply a bold fashion statement? I’m surprised that Jacob Bernstein writing in the Style Section of the New York Times on … Continue reading

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Review: Miss Vera Gives TRANSPARENT an A+

Originally posted on Veronica Vera's Blog:
?   JILL SOLOWAY HAS DONE HER HOMEWORK The beauty of the show TRANSPARENT, is that in telling the story of Mort who is Maura Pfefferman creator Jill Soloway has chosen to include…

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